Target species!



Snook are a highly sought after fish here in South Florida! With there hard fights and acrobatics, they are one of the most popular fish to target! During snook season, 1 legal size fish is allowed to be kept PER PERSON Within the slot size ( 28-32 inches)


Triple tail inhabit the waters and typically are found on floating debris’s and are very opportunist

Tripletail are a fish you may have seen and not ever noticed! They inhabit inshore and offshore waters and are oriented to floating structures such as crab pots and even channel markers! Great table fare and hard fighters.

Speckled Sea Trout


Speckled Sea Trout are a great game fish to target in shallow water and the flats! These fish tend to hang around their buddies so catching multiple trout in one area is not uncommon! Great eating fish as well.

Cubera snapper


Cubera snappers are kind of like a big mangrove snapper, similar looks except one thing... the fight of these fish are INSANE! Quick bursts of power with there broom like tails will make any reel scream! The edibilty of these fish are first class as well, seasonally targeted. 



Redfish are a super hard fighting fish that will take a variety of baits. Their main diet consists of crustaceans such as shrimp, crabs, etc. Found around docks and shallow water flats, these fish are great eating and will give you a run for your money! 



Tarpon are a seasonally targeted fish, and are very migratory! The tarpon will not only put up a fight like none other, they will jump clear out of the water which makes them that much more targeted! These fish are not harvested, catch & release only with the tarpon.